How Bra Shop Directory Came to Be

In the Spring of 2015, while doing some research on the “Sexy” brand of stores, Nichole discovered a subreddit, or an online community, called ABraThatFits 

Her Bra-Fitting World Was Cracked Wide Open

See, she had worked for the “Sexy” brand for nine years and knew a lot about bra sizing, even that there were sizes beyond what was sold by that company.

But this discovery was eye opening.

She read and read and read some more. Three hours later, and with the use of the comprehensive ABTF calculator, she discovered that she was not, in fact, a 36DDD but was instead a 36FF.

Where Does One Even Shop For That Size?

A month later, a friend told her about a local bra boutique 25 miles away. There, she found numerous bras in her size… when they were open.
Unfortunately, that store closed eight months later. Nichole had to find another store which, thankfully, it wasn’t that far away. 
Nichole began began spreading the word and quit working at the “Sexy” store because she knew their bras didn’t fit everyone.   
Through her participation on the subreddit, she found stores in other states where her friends live. She also scoured well-known search engines, using key words such as “bra stores” and “bra shops,” but that brought up so many unrelated options… like front end bras for vechicles.
Not helpful.

So she dug deeper, zooming in over every major city and following the many major highways and interstates that came up on that search engine. 

The end result

More than 500 bra stores… for actual breasts and not cars. 
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If there’s a bra boutique near you – one that sells bras in sizes outside of Small, Medium, and Large – please reach out and let us know!

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